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Daily Life

“Let’s see…I usually wake up around 7:00am, shower, eat breakfast then run out the door by 7:45. I’m picked up by one of the Bond drivers (either “Sparky” or “Banker”) in one of the “Bond mobiles” by 7:50 and we drive to pick up a few of the other teachers on my way to school. I get to school about fifteen minutes before my first class and use that time to go talk with the ever-friendly students in the hallways. I have my morning classes then go for lunch.

Depending on where you go for lunch in China, it can always be an adventure, but if you have an open mind about your experience then you can discover some truly amazing culinary treasures. One of the most popular types of cuisine among us foreign teachers is this family owned little hole-in-the-wall Muslim Chinese restaurant specializing in the regional cuisine of Xinjiang province in Western China. With homemade noodles, fresh stir fried vegetables and stewed meats, you can’t go wrong.

Since China runs on the seemingly Latin siesta schedule, everybody is given roughly a 2.5 hour lunch break, so depending on which school I am teaching, I either go home to take a nap, sleep in the office or surf the net.

When 2:30 rolls around, we all head back to school and finish the rest of our classes. I usually finish around 4:30 if not earlier. Depending on your workload, you might have some evening classes. I had some a few months ago and they were actually a lot of fun.

I get home around 5:00 and relax for a bit. After my roommate gets home and we’ve had enough time to unwind, we figure out our dinner plans. Considering the abundance of amazing and reasonably-priced restaurants in town, we usually persuade the other to go out for dinner. Otherwise, we each cook our own meals with the fresh and tasty ingredients you can find in either the outdoor markets or the supermarkets. I love stir frying eggplant with this amazing garlic/chili sauce and a little soy sauce, add either some beef or vegetables, serve it over some rice and you’ve got a great dinner!

Some nights I have Chinese classes with a few of the other teachers. I was surprised when I started taking Chinese classes at Bond because I didn’t expect the classes to be so much fun! Even though it’s probably the most difficult language on Earth, the Chinese teachers make it enjoyable for us with games and activities.

If it isn’t a school night my roommate and I usually ring the other foreign teachers here and meet up for drinks at one of the local bars then progress to the clubs. On occasion, we head to Macau or Hong Kong for our days off to explore and party it up there.

All in all, it’s a pretty laid back, enjoyable and fun life. But I’ll warn you, it gets really humid during the summer! That aside, Zhongshan is a great place to live and Bond is a great teaching program to work for!”